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Welcome to Aces

Starting off
Aces is a PVE/PVP endgame Raiding Guild.My goal for the guild is as follows, Reach level 50 as fast as possible with as many members as possible,Then start helping other members achieve max level.I know that this will take time do to familys work and real life.When this is done. Start end game raiding for gear.

When and only when the guild has the power to enter PvP as a team and work as a team then we will take over the PvP part of the game.I would like to start on a PvP server so pvp will be everywhere from the start of the game so do what you must to survive.        

Crafting will be a big part of Star Wars ToR, Crafted items will be second only to endgame gear so crafting is a must for any guild and something that we must start as early as possible.The more people we have in the guild crafting the faster we can get gear to our members.

Way Join ACES
To be a part of a guild that is controlled just as much by its members as its leaders.Where everyone has a say not only in game but with the website/forums as well.Where you can come and play the game have fun talk to people ask for help and get it.

Recruiting all classes
Jedi Consular   Open
Jedi Knight      Open
Smuggler        Open
Trooper          Open

We are recruiting all classes Aces is a new guild we need healers,tanks and dps classes.



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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

-Chaos-, Dec 3, 11 7:59 AM.
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Galactic Republic
Jedi ConsularNone
Jedi Knight1
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